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Irion Lumber Company is a small business specializing in supplying quality hardwood lumber to the furniture and architectural millwork trades. Our orientation is towards the customer and the job where the lumber is an important component in the success of the project. We carry a large inventory in different widths and thicknesses of just a few species, mainly cherry, tiger maple, walnut, butternut and mahogany.  We are actively involved with selecting all the lumber we bring in whether it is green or already kiln dried, and we also purchase larger diameter and figured logs and crotches.
When we started this business our focus was on producing wide lumber and matched boards from the same log, and that is still a big part of what we do today. We have the type of material that is difficult to obtain from traditional lumber sources, mostly due to the time and effort required to find larger diameter logs and wide lumber and to keep the lumber together throughout the cutting and/or drying process until it is racked and ready to fill a special order. We also carry narrower stock that is of comparable quality to our wider matched lumber so that the customer can

order all their lumber from one source, and we can try to match the grain and color of the material whenever possible.

Our lumber company is the product of over 35 years of experience in woodworking and sourcing lumber for a business producing custom furniture to order, including the last 14 years spent procuring lumber to sell to other shops and individuals as well. I learned the furnituremaking trade and antique restoration from my father before opening my own shop, Irion Company-Furnituremakers in 1977. While working with my father I started visiting sawmills and buying logs and having them

custom sawn in an attempt to obtain the type of lumber I saw in period furniture and similar aged homes.  At the time there were very few alternatives to the large hardwood wholesalers and few other businesses specializing in this type of material, so we had to take matters into our own hands. We were specifically looking for wide and/or figured lumber and matching lumber from the same log, and the only way we could figure out to obtain such lumber at that time was to produce it ourselves.

As our furniture business grew and I began to understand the critical role that quality wood plays in a successful piece of furniture, I became more involved in producing a portion of the lumber used in the furniture we were constructing.  Over time, buying and supervising the sawing of the logs, and drying and selecting the lumber, as well as sourcing quality lumber became a full time occupation.In 1995 we sold the workshop so that we could concentrate all of our efforts on procuring lumber.  My experience as a professional woodworker, the years I spent

selecting lumber for the furniture that my shop built and for other craftsmen has given me a better understanding of what other woodworkers are looking for. Seeing the lumber in the rough and then in the completed piece has proven helpful in having a clearer idea of how the wood translates to the finished product.
Our sources are the strength of our business. We have long term relationships with a variety of suppliers from loggers and log brokers and small and large sawmills to wholesalers, lumber graders and other small specialities.
lumber dealers.  We buy large diameter and figured logs that we cut on our own mill or have them custom cut at mills that can handle the larger diameter logs. We also work with a number of small independent sawmills that are also willing to cut lumber to meet our specifications. We hand select almost all of the lumber that we purchase and pay a premium for this privilege to insure that we can maintain a high quality product.  Our business is intentionally small so that we can maintain control of the lumber quality. My wife Wanda,

Louis and Wanda Irion

Louis and Wanda Irion -owner/operators

who worked for years as a restoration cabinetmaker in our old shop, and I procure all the lumber that we sell here, and we are often on the road 2-4 days a week buying logs or sorting through piles of lumber. All the orders are taken and filled by Myron Yoder, who is very conscientious and works hard to keep our customers happy. Our yard man, Doug Simpson, handles the lumber from the time it arrives until it comes out of the kiln, and other family members help out as needed. Our office/business manager, Karen Chambers, grew up in a family active in the sawmill and lumber business and brings that experience and a business background to keep us on the right path. We have no desire to get any bigger-it would be difficult to maintain the standard of the lumber on a larger scale, and quality of life is important, too. We do enjoy being able to provide high quality lumber at a reasonable price and the opportunity to work with many fine craftsmen and businesses whose talents and skills we admire and respect.
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*sawmill in not running, photo is to show scale only.

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